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Car Share Co-op’s partnership boosts fruit tree harvest

The Okanagan Fruit Tree Project more than doubled its harvest this year, and organizers are exuberant in their thanks to the Okanagan Car Share Co-op for their help in making it happen.

“It’s awesome,” says coordinator Casey Hamilton. “With the Co-op’s truck, we were able to harvest from orchards as well as backyards and haul way more fruit. And we expanded into Penticton and Summerland for the first time.”


“Move that bus!” Langley seniors celebrate launch of new Bus Co-op

A grey and rainy October day didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of almost 40 people huddling under a Vancity tent to celebrate the launch of the new Bus Co-op in Langley.

Currently running two buses in the Langley region, this innovative co-op is designed to offer seniors organizations an inexpensive alternative to ferry the seniors they serve to events and destinations of interest in a safe and more cost-effective way than current modes of transport.


Good Jobs Economy in BC conference highlights the role of co-operatives

Close to 100 people attended a day-long conference on November 21st on “good jobs” organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), BC Federation of Labour, Progressive Economics Forum and SFU’s Centre for Global Political Economy. The Vancouver conference framed out some of the opportunities and challenges to creating a good jobs economy in BC.  


Caring Co-operatively

We're building a new model of seniors' care - elder care co-ops.

Caring Co-operatively, our Elder Care Project, is supported by the Government of Canada and the Vancouver Foundation. We're building a network of elder care co-ops across Canada - and can provide seed funding to get them started.

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Momentum Centre

The Momentum Centre is a one-stop access point for co-op development - if you're starting a new co-op, or building on the successes of your existing co-op, we can help.

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BCCA is the voice of a thriving co-op movement in B.C.

We speak on behalf of the co-op movement, we provide support and encouragement to co-ops, and much more.

Join us and be part of it all.

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