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2014 International Summit of Co-operatives

Decision makers and influencers from the international cooperative and mutualist community will gather in Quebec City, Canada, from October 6–9 for the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives. The Summit’s bold, ambitious themes will garner the attention and interest of cooperatives from around the globe as well as world leaders and politicians.

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Creston takes buying local to a whole new level

(Part 3 of 4 articles exploring mechanisms to raise community capital for local economic development)

Communities of all sizes are seeking out ways to become more resilient in an ever-increasingly interdependent and globalized world.

Resilience has long been talked about in relation to environment and industry. But what does resilience look like for human communities?


Community Investment Funds: Leveraging the Co-operative Advantage

(Part 2 of 4 articles exploring mechanisms to raise community capital for local economic development.)
As a consequence of the 2008 economic collapse, communities are increasingly active in assessing their own sustainability. “Buy Local” campaigns have garnered much support and success. But with investment dollars flowing out of the community to large financial centres in Canada & the U.S., economic sustainability is a challenge. Many communities are looking for mechanisms that will allow them to “repatriate” this capital – a sort of “Invest Local” strategy.


Caring Co-operatively

We're building a new model of seniors' care - elder care co-ops.

Caring Co-operatively, our Elder Care Project, is supported by the Government of Canada and the Vancouver Foundation. We're building a network of elder care co-ops across Canada - and can provide seed funding to get them started.

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Momentum Centre

The Momentum Centre is a one-stop access point for co-op development - if you're starting a new co-op, or building on the successes of your existing co-op, we can help.

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BCCA is the voice of a thriving co-op movement in B.C.

We speak on behalf of the co-op movement, we provide support and encouragement to co-ops, and much more.

Join us and be part of it all.

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