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Cultivating Co-ops

Cultivating Co-ops is a guide to starting a co-op in BC.  Developed by the BC Co-operative Association in conjunction with Vancity Credit Union, the Ontario Co-operative Association, and co-op development professionals, it's a detailed how-to guide that will show you the steps of developing a co-op and put you on the path to co-operative success.

The guide contains:

- background information on co-ops, including the Co-op Principles, structure and types, 
- a section on how to start your co-op with a checklist to the steps in the co-op development process, 
- definition of key terms, 
- a mini-incorporation guide, and 
- an outline of what you need to include in your co-op's feasibility study and business plan.

If starting a co-op is something that you want to do, read this guide and get in touch with us at the BCCA for links to customized advisory services to help you on the path to co-operation.


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